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Constance Manor : Lee Perkins

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It looks amazing. We are very pleased. Thank you.

Lee Perkins,
Constance Manor

Bob Allen

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I have worked with Ryan Litts from a business standpoint for 5 years. The first couple years he was the genius behind the scenes and I did not have a lot of personal content. During that period he was instrumental in making my first website look great graphically.

Over the years that followed, we worked on a one on one basis to make improvements to the site and continue the SEO work that had been started. Real Estate is a very competitive business, so site placement is crucial to be successful. I have been fortunate to increase my sales every year, even thru the recent “troubled market”. I do not discount the effects of a good website in this economy.

When Ryan decided to go out on his own to build his own business, I did not hesitate to move with him. Over the past few months Ryan has totally revamped my website in order to keep it up to speed with the ever changing technology market. I am getting very positive results from this  upgrade and look forward to working with him on the SEO side of the equation.

His is honest, hardworking and does what he says he is going to do and within the budget constraints I put on him.  I welcome any phone calls or emails regarding his ability.


Bob Allen
[email protected]

The Whaley House

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We hired Ryan to create the branding for our beach rental property. I was very pleased with the entire process. So pleased that I couldn’t stop at just the logo — Ryan designed our website, logo and email signature! He was fast to deliver new ideas and always helpful with my many questions. His work on our logo was very impressive. He designed the logo in stages, always giving us several options to choose between. He truly is a designer with attention to detail, and very understanding of your needs. We are extremely proud of the branding Ryan developed for The Whaley House! He is a very talented graphic artist. I totally recommend Ryan for all of your creative needs.

Leslie H Parham
The Whaley House
St George Island, FL

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Constance Manor : Lee Perkins

Ryan, It looks amazing. We are very pleased. Thank you. Lee Perkins, Constance Manor

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If I had a dollar for each time I have said this… I could take my wife and kids on a great vacation. What this really means is there is a huge disconnect between what people see on their computers…