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Developing Web Sites That Fit Your Business

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Developing Web Sites That Fit Your Business

ryanlitts creative, a design company located in Watkinsville, GA specializes in building websites that are both polished and professional. Whether you are looking for a brand new website or redesign your existing site, we will build your site using the latest web standards. Your site will be developed to deliver results now and in the future.  Ew also help you acquiring TikTok to use this as one the newest marketing strategy to make you business grow.

ryanlitts creative is a full-service web design and development company. We custom build websites around your brand and budget. We can provide you with a web hosting account, secure domain names and provide you with the technical support to run your web business.

Whether you are a current client or just have some questions, we’ll meet with anyone based in Athens or metro Atlanta area. We enjoy meeting our clients face to face and will make many visits to your office as necessary. After your website launches, we’ll schedule a training session so we can educate you on how to get the most from your new site.

Contact us to discuss your website development needs. ryanlitts creative will give you free advice regarding your website needs.

Your site can include any of the following interactive features:

  • HTML and CSS compliment web site design
  • Content management system
  • Social site integration, facebook, twitter, instgram and more
  • E-Commerce catalog for goods and services
  • Accept payment or donations online
  • Analytics and adword campaigns
  • Password-protected area for members  (or employees) only
  • Data collection from online forms for
  • Blogs and intranets
  • Photo slideshows
  • Site search

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Your image is too small?

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If I had a dollar for each time I have said this… I could take my wife and kids on a great vacation. What this really means is there is a huge disconnect between what people see on their computers and what they see in a brochure or magazine as far as quality. With more an more people becoming amateur photographers, I run into this all the time.

For starters, I am going to define a few technical terms that are used in the industry to help explain this.

PPI: Pixels Per Inch. This is the number of pixels per inch of an image. Basically the same as DPI. However, when dealing with digital media, almost all applications use this at the standard. The higher your PPI the more detail per inch an image contains

DPI: Dots Per Inch. This is the amount of dots per inch. This generally applies to printed images.

Image Resolution: Wikipedia defines this as “Image resolution is an umbrella term that describes the detail an image holds. The term applies to raster digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail.”

Print: The standard in print is 300DPI or 300PPI

Web: The standard for web is 72PPI or 72DPI

Now that I got that out of the way, let me explain how to apply this. Web images generally have less detail. For instance, a web image that is 5” X 7” at 72 PPI has a total of 181,440 pixels. Wow, that seems like a lot.

The same 5 X 7” image at 300 PPI has a total of 3,150,000 of pixels to make up that image. That is about 15 times as much detail.

This is where it gets a little dicey. Images which are hi-res images can always size down and will appear great for the web. However, images that are fine for the web cannot be resized up for print. What happens is the image never has the detail, therefore, the larger images will what “the industry calls”, pixelate.

Here is a 5 x 7 image at 72 PPI

This image appears to be of good quality. But remember we are looking at this on the web and should work well on the web at this size (Notice the 100% at the top of the image). If we were to use this same photo for printed collateral, this photo would be nowhere near the quality it needs to be and the end result would be disappointing.

Let’s take a closer look at our 72 PPI image. The detail of the photo looked good at 100% on the web. This is what it would look if we were to use the same 72 DPI image for print. Tiny boxes (pixels) appear and the photo looks somewhat blurry.

Let me clear this up. Here is a close up of the same photo that is 5X7 but the original was set at 300PPI. Look at the striking detail in this photo.

Rule of thumb
When preparing an image that you are going to use for marketing purposes. Always keep your original digital file as large as possible. For instance when taking an image with a digital camera. The larger your mega-pixels are set, the more detail you will capture. Lets look at the chart to see what mega pixel camera settings will produce an image that can be used in print.

The first column is your megapixel camera setting. The second is the pixel x pixel count for the image. The third column shows you the print resolution setting and the last column shows you the printed image size it can reproduce.

For instance, the maximum size of an 5-megapixel camera can reproduce is 6.5” x 8.5”

I hope that this clears things up for you.

IDX Broker, REAL, Real Estate Solutions

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For years I have been working with Real Estate agents and Brokers on their marketing and internet strategies. When they list a new home they used to call me to update their website with information on their clients new home, add pictures etc. Well, this can be taxing for an agent to keep up with let alone pricey.

This is where IDX Broker comes in IDX Broker as they put it … “is a web solution that uses MLS IDX feeds to deliver content to your own web site and when done correctly can register that content as your own”

What does that mean? Well when an agent adds a new listing in their local MLS system, IDX Broker receives that information and feeds it into your own web site. You don’t have to call or email your web designer to update your site…This information will pull in to your site within a 24 hour period of you placing it on your local MLS.

The best part is this is done WITHOUT iframes. Now I don’t expect you to understand what this means but in simple terms. Iframes is like having 2 websites put together to make one page … Their website and your website. Search engines don’t like iframes and will not see the listing content as your own. The second thing is with IDX we have the luxury of making your listing content match the design of your site and even place content where you want it. This will also allow when done properly to turn your site from 20 pages to thousands of pages.

IDX offers tons of features for the end user to come back to your site as well. Such as various search options including, basic searches, map searches save searches and more. WordPress integrations, SEO options, Contact forms, slide shows, iPhone and Ipad apps and much much more, as you can do many times online now a days, you can even learn some investing and trading with tools like VT Markets that are great for this.

IDX does require having a professional set up your site to receive the feed and IDX Broker does have an ongoing fee of $39.99 per month for an agent and they also have affordable options for team agents and great solutions for offices as well. But I feel the value for this type of solution is off the charts

If you have any additional questions or would like a personalized tour of IDX Broker to feel free to contact me.

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Some examples of IDX example sites that I have done.

If you are ready to jump in use this online signup form for your new account:

How To Shorten Your Long Url using

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Have you ever written copy for a brochure and wanted to direct people to your website for more information? You begin to write out some of the details and then direct your ready to send those prospects a particular web address which looks like…,+New+York,+NY&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&dirflg=r&date=11%2F12%2F08&time=4:13pm&ttype=dep&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=&sll=40.746175,-73.998395&sspn=0.014468,0.036392&ie=UTF8&z=14

It is a really-really long for someone to be able to type that all out correctly let alone remember it.

This is where comes in. is a URL shortening service that shortens, track, share and manages your long website links. For instance the above web address using have shorten to this is a huge difference in the amount of characters not to mention that these short endings to the URL can also be customized to things like allowing me more room for copy write-ups and allowing readers a reasonable URL to be able to translate from print to the web.

Beyond shortening,  also allows for some analytic information. This is very useful when placing value on your print media.

For more information on the service visit

   affordable and brilliant...
from pixels to print


Constance Manor : Lee Perkins

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How To Shorten Your Long Url using

  Have you ever written copy for a brochure and wanted to direct people to your website for more information? You begin to write out some of the details and then direct your ready to send those prospects a particular…